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Focal Points’ Mission

Help for those suffering from cognitive dysfunction

Focal Points was created to serve those suffering from various cognitive dysfunctions, including ADHD, learning disorders, stress, and more.

Effective, non-pharmacological solutions

We provide effective, non-pharmacological solutions for children and adults so they can improve their academic and work performance while also enjoying healthier relationships.

Focal Points works closely with families to discern the most effective and direct therapeutic approach for each client.

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Focal Points’ Founders


Since 1982, Dr. Walter has specialized in the treatment of behavioral, emotional, and transitional problems of children, adolescents, adults, and families. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Walter completed a graduate fellowship at the Institute for Child Study with a concentration in family systems theory and human growth and development. After receiving her Ph.D., she completed a post-doctoral internship in clinical psychology.

In 1984, Dr. Walter opened The Family Center, a center providing mental health services for children, adolescents, and families. This led her to include neurofeedback and cognitive retraining programs, which allows her to take advantage of non-invasive technology to help children and adults improve their cognitive functioning.


As a Maryland certified school psychologist, Anne Arena holds a master’s degree in psychology, a Certificate of Advanced Study in School Psychology from Appalachian State University in North Carolina, and a two-year post-graduate degree in clinical neuropsychology. She has been employed as a school psychologist since 1991 and has worked at The Family Center since 2002.

Ms. Arena specializes in diagnostic assessments of learning disabilities, attention disorders, and emotional impairments. Her work in neurofeedback and cognitive retraining has become a crucial method in helping children and adults improve their cognitive functioning.


"My daughter used to come home with at least two Ds on her report card. Now, she is getting all As and Bs, and she's even on the honor roll this semester."

Jane D., Clarksville

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