Changing Your Mental Health Plan


If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health issue and you’ve consulted a licensed professional about it, chances are you have a treatment plan.  Exactly what that plan entails will depend on the disorder you’re dealing with, along with your symptoms and even your age. Unfortunately, not everyone feels like their treatment is individualized to them.  In that case, what do you do?  Much like everything else, it starts with a conversation.


Speak Up


Even if it’s a certain medication or another approach you’ve been utilizing for years, if it’s no longer working or you want to try something different, you should say something. There’s a definite trend toward making the patient more involved in the treatment plan, which makes sense!  After all, you know what works for you better than anyone else.  Now that the stigma surrounding mental illness is lessening, people are more comfortable talking about what they’re experiencing and sharing their successes.


Of course, this also requires sufficient access to care, as well as a good rapport with your providers. When jumping from doctor to doctor, recounting your full mental health history can quickly get old.  As a result, you may leave out some of the nuances of your diagnosis that could lead to an alternative option you haven’t explored before.  So, look for a licensed professional with whom you can be completely open and offer input to the suggestions he/she is making toward your treatment.


Don’t Be Afraid to Explore New Options


Mental health care has changed significantly in recent years.  Between new medications and new therapies, you could have a completely different plan today. Thanks to groundbreaking discoveries in neuroscience, you also have access to alternative approaches such as neurofeedback and/or cognitive training.  Both of these options are nonpharmacological, so you can use them in conjunction with or in place of other medication.


With the help of a growing online presence, you can even research these options on your own.  Ask others how they’ve fared with similar treatment plans and look for providers in your area (like Focal Points Therapy) who specialize in these alternatives.  If you’re in need of immediate or in-between-appointment services, there are also numerous apps and organizations that offer remote access to mental health care.


If you encounter anything you’re not completely comfortable with during your exploration—even after speaking to a licensed professional—then you don’t have to try it. Remember, you should have a key role in developing your plan, so if it’s not something you want to pursue, you don’t have to.  Just be open to the new options available to you today.


Find the Balance


Frequently, the most successful treatment plan is a combination of approaches, customized for your mental health needs.  As you grow and change, you may find you want to be less reliant on medication.  This is a common situation we see with children who were treated with ADHD medication and are now coming into adulthood—such as Erin Delaney March.  While reducing or removing prescriptions from the equation altogether will highly depend upon your condition, sometimes just knowing you have other options can make all the difference.


At Focal Points Therapy, we take an individual approach to treatment that encourages all of our patients to find what works for them.  We believe in holistic plans that address your needs most effectively.  Whenever possible, we coordinate with your current therapies to maximize their efficacy with our unique techniques.  If you’re struggling to find the balance in your current treatment plan, or you just want to learn more about your options, please contact us for a consultation.



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