Technology Triggers:  A Closer Look at Social Media & ADHD

While studies linking social media to mental health issues like ADHD are nothing new, the emerging patterns in research are certainly raising questions.  Inevitably, people (and parents, in particular) are wondering why the two topics keep appearing so closely linked.  Is technology contributing to the growing number of mental illnesses in America?  Should we be

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Back-to-School Schedule Preparations

With only one month left of summer, it’s time to start thinking about back to school!  Apart from shopping, slowly modifying your schedule (as a family) day by day should ease the transition to September.  Every household has its own rhythm, so while there are no “rules” to help prepare everyone, these suggestions might make

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What Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Brain

We’ve all had those nights where we can’t seem to fall asleep, despite the fact that we have to wake up early tomorrow.  So, then we struggle through the next day on only a few hours of rest, feeling cranky and sluggish, unable to concentrate at times.  What happens when that “one night” turns into

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A Closer Look at Gaming Disorder

Have you heard of Fortnite? What about World of Warcraft?  Is your child/teen playing these or another video game to the point of distraction these days?  Well, then you may be interested to learn the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently added the term “gaming disorder” to its list of mental health issues.  Electronics are basically

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Changing Your Mental Health Plan

  If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health issue and you’ve consulted a licensed professional about it, chances are you have a treatment plan.  Exactly what that plan entails will depend on the disorder you’re dealing with, along with your symptoms and even your age. Unfortunately, not everyone feels like their treatment is individualized to

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Keeping Your Kids Engaged Throughout Summer

With the last day of school right around the corner, excitement is high!  Kids are looking forward to later mornings, less homework, and more fun overall.  As a parent, you’re probably looking forward to more quality family time, but engaged and avoid that dreaded “summer slide”?  Well, we have a few suggestions for you.  

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Are Online Psychological Assessments Accurate?

If you were to search the term “mental health assessment” on Google, thousands of results would pop up, all with varying degrees of credibility.  Change that to “mental health quiz,” and you’ll get even more.  The problem then becomes deciding which, if any, to choose.  As licensed therapists, we often get asked about the accuracy

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Understanding Neuroplasticity:  The Basis of Cognitive Training

As our understanding of the brain grows, so does our definition of neuroplasticity.  Have you ever noticed how your mind seems to work differently from others’?  Or that your ability to focus or recall information seems to have changed over time?  Well this could easily be a result of your brain’s neuroplasticity.  For individuals suffering

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Tips to Spread Awareness during Mental Health Month

  In honor of Mental Health Month, we want to dedicate a special blog to increasing awareness.  Today, mental health issues are one of the leading causes of illness in the world—but knowing this is only part of the solution.  Often times, whether you’re experiencing mental illness, or you know someone who is, it’s hard

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Perfectionism in America:  The Upward Trend

As society’s standards climb higher and higher, so does the number of people diagnosed with perfectionism each year.  The drive for perfection is mistakenly thought to be a positive trait by some, but, in reality, it often leads to serious mental health issues.  Today, we’ll delve into this epidemic disproportionately affecting adolescents and young adults.

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"My daughter used to come home with at least two Ds on her report card. Now, she is getting all As and Bs, and she's even on the honor roll this semester."

Jane D., Clarksville

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