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ADHD in the Classroom

At Focal Points Therapy, we often work with children and teens diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), along with their parents.  We hear their frustrations, see their struggles, and work with them to overcome their challenges.  One topic that comes up frequently during these interactions is the classroom.  There’s something about the educational atmosphere and expectations

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How Does Neurofeedback Help ADD/ADHD Symptoms?

Neurofeedback can alleviate many symptoms relating to ADD and ADHD, but let’s first discuss how ADD/ADHD affects the brain. How does ADD/ADHD affect the brain? ADD and ADHD are neurological disorders that are characterized by poor impulse control, inattention, and hyperactivity. Although the exact cause of ADD/ADHD is unknown, scientists have found a strong genetic

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Neurofeedback vs. ADD/ADHD Medication

As discussed in a previous blog, most clinicians who practice neurofeedback and cognitive training advise their clients to continue on their medication while undergoing the alternative therapies. Typically, the greatest improvement is seen when clients use a combination of neurofeedback, cognitive training, talk therapy, and medication. The combination of these therapies, however, may be the

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What is Attention Deficit Disorder / ADHD?

Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) are neurological disorders that are characterized by poor impulse control, inattention, and hyperactivity. Typically, ADD/ADHD symptoms develop in childhood, but can persist throughout adolescence and adulthood. Because it can be hard to distinguish symptoms of ADD/ADHD with normal childlike behavior, many

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"My daughter used to come home with at least two Ds on her report card. Now, she is getting all As and Bs, and she's even on the honor roll this semester."

Jane D., Clarksville

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