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The Truth Behind Harvard’s Happiness Study & Relationships

With more and more people touting the benefits of self-care, they often forget one key aspect: relationships.  While looking inward and doing more to improve your mental/physical wellbeing is important, an influential Harvard study shows that your interpersonal connections have a lot to do with this, as well.  The new twist on an old theme, “Your

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Changing Your Mental Health Plan

  If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health issue and you’ve consulted a licensed professional about it, chances are you have a treatment plan.  Exactly what that plan entails will depend on the disorder you’re dealing with, along with your symptoms and even your age. Unfortunately, not everyone feels like their treatment is individualized to

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Vertigo & Neurofeedback:  An Innovative Solution to a Chronic Condition

We’ve all had the experience of vertigo at some point in our lives.  As a child when you spun around too many times that even when you stopped, it felt like the world was still moving.  Or, when at the top of a tall building, you look down and suddenly feel dizzy.  Even the sensation

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Striking a Balance:  Keeping Kids Busy Without Overscheduling

Today the overabundance of extracurricular activities presents a dilemma for parents and children alike.  Committing to a wide variety of pursuits can help cultivate diverse interests, while adding to college applications.  Signing up for too many, though, can also overextend your family’s schedule and tax the mental health of your child(ren).  Ideally, you and your

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"My daughter used to come home with at least two Ds on her report card. Now, she is getting all As and Bs, and she's even on the honor roll this semester."

Jane D., Clarksville

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